San Diego Photoshoot | Mommy and me

Mommy and me sessions are so special!! They give the opportunity for a mom to bond with her child. In this case we were able to hang out with two kids because Shelby has twins! We shot their photoshoot in a field in San Diego, California. Niko Navarro Films and I met Shelby through a client referral. I am so glad we did because her and the twins were the sweetest!!

We let the kids run around and have fun, and documented what came. I think that is so important especially when kids are at a young age like three. Letting them do their thing and taking photos and video as it comes is so much better than forcing them to pose. It also helps them to actually enjoy taking photos rather than feeling forced. Moments like these are so special and Shelby and her husband will be able to look back and reflect on special moments like this, forever.

Open fields are priceless for photos. You can’t beat the color or lighting! These photos were taken on a cloudy day and still turned out beautiful. Choosing San Diego for their photoshoot was perfect. I am a sucker for those pretty mountains in the background. Open fields will always be a go to spot for Niko and I. Ellie and Knox had the most perfect outfits for photos! Shelby nailed it with the neutrals! Colors can make or break your photos and she followed the outfit guide I sent her and has gorgeous photos and a film as a result. It was so special being able to witness the love Shelby has for her twins! It makes me so excited to have kids one day! Especially since the twin gene falls on Niko Navarro Films and I. 😉 Check out their family film in the link below!


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January 23, 2022

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