Mother and Son | Murrieta

Aleksa and Lukas were such a good time to be around!! This mother and son photoshoot had such a fall vibe. Their high energy was contagious and Lukas left saying how much he loved taking photos and video with Niko Navarro Films and I! They brought their dog Leia to the shoot as well and she was such a good girl! She posed for photos when she wasn’t even supposed to. She is such a cutie. I was even able to get a shot of her ears in one of the photos with Aleksa and Lukas in the background which is so freaking cute. This location is perfect for shoots where pups want to come as well! They can run around and be free without people and cars around.

Their outfits were so perfect! Solid colors with some prints and neutral colors could not photograph any better. Whether it be a family session or engagement session, neutrals are your best friend! They complimented this location perfectly because the colors are similar. It was awesome too because their outfit colors match their dog Leia as well! They were all twinning during this shoot. Lukas was stoked because he was able to throw his toy monster trucks around the entire shoot. I cannot wait to document this family more as Lukas grows up! Aleksa promised him a new monster truck if he was good for the shoot and he definitely earned it.

Mother and son duos are awesome to photograph. You really get to see how special their mother and son relationship is through photo and video. Aleksa said when she watched the video she cried. We could not have asked for more! It definitely is a goal of Niko Navarro Films and I to create real tear jerking work. Such sweet moments documented on this day. 

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December 13, 2021

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