Glen Arbor Park Pregnancy Announcement

Glen Arbor Park Pregnancy Announcement

Annalisa and Kevin are going to be parents! They could not be happier to welcome their new baby soon. We shot their pregnancy announcement at Glen Arbor Park in Murrieta, California. They contacted us when Annalisa had just found out she was pregnant. Announcement shoots are seriously our favorite right next to weddings of course. The happiness that radiates off a soon-to-be family of three is unmatchable. This couple traveled all the way from Long Beach to Murrieta, California for us to do their announcement. Niko and I feel blessed for the couples that trust us with their dearest moments. Although this day at Glen Arbor Park for their pregnancy announcement was a bit cloudy, it made for such a cool moody vibe. I absolutely loved it!

Annalisa and Kevin recorded the audio of the heartbeat of their baby on her phone. She sent us the audio and asked us to incorporate it into their film. How unique and cool is that?!? Niko Navarro Films was able to pull it off of course, and it came out incredible!! Check out the wonderful announcement film below incorporating the audio.

Announcement Film:

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April 21, 2022

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