Glamis Starwars Engagement Session


The SWEETEST couple from Orange County traveled to the Glamis Sand Dunes to have their engagement photos and engagement film taken! We captured some amazing shots during this Glamis Star Wars engagement Session. Jenny and Kyle were super goofy and playful, so comfortable and genuinely themselves throughout the session. They even made it Star Wars-themed which was so fun and unique to them! We went with a chill vibe, incorporating light savers and Coors Light!

They trusted us to bust a mission to the desert! We truly love working with our clients and get to witness some of the biggest moments in their life. Niko and I appreciate it when we connect and they are down to do whatever! Cheering on our couples during our session is what we do best! Niko Navarro Films and I are not just your wedding vendors, but your forever friends.

Jenny and Kyle have been together for years! Niko and I are SO EXCITED to be their videographers on their wedding day in Riverside this October! We cannot wait to share the video footage!

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Engagement film shot by Niko Navarro Films:


August 1, 2022

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