San Francisco City Hall Elopement

San Francisco City Hall Elopement

About a month before their elopement, Jacqueline emailed Niko and asked if we were available to shoot her San Francisco California City Hall elopement. We were so excited to shoot in San Francisco because we have never worked here before! The best part about San Francisco as an elopement photographer and videographer are that you don’t have to choose between the city hall and nature. San Francisco has amazing city views and architecture, but in just under 30 minutes, you’ll also find beaches, mountains, cliffs, and green forests. Rather than choose between city or nature, Jacqueline and Dustin decided to capture all that San Francisco has to offer.

We started their elopement at the San Francisco City Hall where they shared their first look. We chose a beautiful marble wall as the backdrop because it looked different from other rooms in the city hall. The atmosphere was so calm and relaxed, with zero interruptions from people around us. For anyone wondering how eloping at City Hall works, the process is super easy!

Jacqueline and Dustin picked up their official marriage certificate and then we were off to their ceremony. They chose to do vows privately at the second location we visited. Once they obtained their certificate, we were free to roam City Hall. We took family portraits with the two family members they invited to be a part of their elopement day.

As a California Elopement photographer and videographer team, we honestly couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place. Each in and out of the building feels like it had endless potential for shots. The light that filtered through all the incredible stained windows was gorgeous. The light that streamed through the tall windows also created the most flattering warm light that was so stunning. Even in the middle of the day with some clouds, the light was beautiful. City Hall might be my favorite location I’ve ever photographed an elopement. I felt so inspired by this gorgeous space. Every detail was perfect and I could have spent hours here. We cannot wait to shoot here again!

After portraits at City Hall, we headed to their second location on a lush green cliff overlooking the ocean. They exchanged private vows, and Niko Navarro Films captured the most amazing audio from it and incorporated them into their full elopement film. I have linked both films below, their vendors, as well as a bunch of photos from this beautiful day.

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Full film:

Highlight film:

Florist: marigold_sf

Makeup: makeup.byannabelle

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March 6, 2023

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